2021 Q1 Interchain Foundation Assets and Funding Overview

The Interchain Foundation (ICF) is delighted to announce the publication of key financial figures and funding activity for the first quarter of 2021. The Foundation maintains a very professional and conservative asset management approach which ensures sustainable capital deployment for the Cosmos project for many more years to come. In order to achieve the Foundation’s mission, safeguarding the Foundation’s assets and providing operational liquidity is essential and it is closely and constantly monitored by the Foundation Council.

Since its inception in 2017, the ICF has been subject to full financial audits and is happy to announce that during all reporting periods unqualified audit reports have been received by an independent auditor. As required by Swiss law, the audit reports are filed with the Swiss Federal Supervisory Authority for Foundations. The ICF is fully compliant with all regulations and requirements.

The below is the first update for the period of 31 December 2020 through 31 March 2021.

Here are the highlights:

  • Total assets as per Q1 2021 add up to USD 513 million
  • Holdings denominated in crypto represent 91% of total assets.
  • Investments include public securities and also crypto investments such as ixo, Regen, Agoric, Althea and Iris.
  • Number of grant applications received during Q1, 2021: 68
  • Number of grants approved during Q1, 2021: 35
  • Grants committed during Q1, 2021: USD 28.6 million




The ICF (https://interchain.io/) is the Swiss foundation funding and pushing the frontiers of blockchain-related infrastructure.

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Interchain Foundation

Interchain Foundation

The ICF (https://interchain.io/) is the Swiss foundation funding and pushing the frontiers of blockchain-related infrastructure.

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