Cosmos Hub Theta Testnet Token Collectables

The Cosmos Hub Testnet Program is designed to prepare validators and integrators for upcoming upgrades. And, the best way to prepare validators is to simulate an upgrade on a network that mirrors the mainnet as closely as possible. This means all users, validators, and tokens from the Cosmos Hub mainnet are used in the genesis of a new test network. The network is tweaked a bit to ensure it doesn’t conflict with the real Cosmos Hub and so it can produce blocks even if 66% of the real Cosmos Hub validators don’t join.

The testnet upgrade will take place on March 17th (at block height 9283650). It’s important for as many validators as possible to participate in order to have as real a simulation as possible of the eventual mainnet v7-Theta upgrade. We hope to increase participation in the Cosmos Hub Testnet Program and encourage validators who participate with a new collectable: Testnet Token Collectable.

Testnet Token Collectables

When you look into the genesis file of the v7-Theta Testnet, you will find a copy of all ATOMs you would typically expect to be there plus a number of IBC tokens mirroring the state of the Cosmos Hub Mainnet. However, you will also find a series of new tokens, added specifically for this, and future, upgrades. The new additions are:

  • 1000 theta
  • 1000 rho
  • 1000 lambda
  • 1000 epsilon

Each of these testnet tokens is designated for each specific upgrade cycle as outlined in the Cosmos Hub roadmap. For this upgrade round, we’ll send one Theta token as a collectable to any current Cosmos Hub validator who participates in the upgrade on the testnet. We’ll be keeping an eye on which validators have participated during the upgrade on March 17th and send them Theta tokens soon after. If you have any issues receiving your Theta tokens, please reach out to us on the validator-verified channel on the Cosmos community discord.

The testnet is scheduled to continue running long after the Theta upgrade. The same network will also be used to test the Rho, Lambda and Epsilon upgrades. And, as a semi-permanent network, the tokens could potentially be transferable to the Cosmos Hub mainnet over IBC which will enable them to live on, even if the Cosmos Hub Testnet comes down. Though the tokens have no monetary value, we hope they become collector’s items and highlight validators and community members’ long-term commitment to, and support of, the Cosmos Hub.

About the Author: Billy Rennekamp is the Cosmos Hub Lead at Interchain.

Looking to join the testnet? Here’s everything you need to know!

Stay up to date on testnet announcements by following the Cosmos Hub and Hypha Coop Twitter accounts.




The ICF ( is the Swiss foundation funding and pushing the frontiers of blockchain-related infrastructure.

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Interchain Foundation

The ICF ( is the Swiss foundation funding and pushing the frontiers of blockchain-related infrastructure.

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