Cosmos Hub Vega Testnet Update

Preparing for the Cosmos Hub Vega Upgrade

The Cosmos Hub Testnet for the Vega upgrade successfully passed the upgrade proposal at 12 Nov 2021, 5:09:48pm UTC which resulted in a network upgrade at height 7,453,750 which was at 12 Nov 2021, 20:25:32 UTC. The network was down for 22 min 52s for this upgrade which is an improvement from ~45 minutes during the July Delta upgrade. A number of validators used cosmovisor and only one reported a problem when they used the .gaiad/cosmovisor/Vega path instead of .gaiad/cosmovisor/upgrades/Vega . Luckily cosmovisor now comes with automatic backups so they were able to run it again successfully.

The goal of the Cosmos Hub Vega Testnet was to test the gaia v6.0.0-rc3 upgrade proposal and run the network live to monitor for any bugs. While successful, in parallel a possible issue was reported that we are currently investigating before proceeding with the Vega Upgrade. Depending on the results of the investigation, the Cosmos Hub team which will submit a mainnet upgrade proposal, which should result in an upgrade likely in the first week of December.

Thank you to all the validators who participated in the upgrade and the members of the Cosmos Hub team (especially Yaru) as well as the Hypha team (especially Udit)! This Testnet will stay online until the next upgrade, Theta, currently expected for Q1 2022. Details of what’s included can be found at the cosmos hub roadmap 2.0 document here.

I’m Billy Rennekamp, the Cosmos Hub Lead. Follow me on twitter or the Cosmos Hub Twitter account for more information and updates about the Cosmos Hub.

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