The Interchain Foundation (ICF) is excited to announce that six leading blockchain architects are joining the growing ranks of organizations taking leadership roles in the Cosmos ecosystem to advance the development of “The Internet of Blockchains”.

Amidst the current frailty and damaged nature of our economic system, our teams are aligned in their steadfast view of building the software needed to add a new financial paradigm and reconstruct a more resilient economy.

Currently, over $6B in digital assets have been secured on Cosmos blockchains, over 8500+ Github stars have been created on Cosmos and Tendermint projects, and there are over 100 projects in the Cosmos Tendermint ecosystem, including Binance Decentralized Exchange. Cosmos is the center of the staking industry with emerging innovations like staking derivatives and cross-chain collateralization.

These grants awarded by the ICF will fund leading blockchain architects to contribute to Cosmos core technology; Althea, ChainSafe, Confio, Lunie, Iqlusion and Regen Network. The funding will help these projects build the software, applications, and ideas to galvanize the success of Cosmos.

See more details on the projects and grants below:

  • Althea will receive funding from ICF to productionize Peggy, the software that enables Ethereum peg zones. The team will focus on building the Cosmos SDK application for moving assets on and off Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) based Proof of Work chains. Peggy will enable an anti-fragile array of interchain routes with certain features and security assumptions being operated by various entities.
  • ChainSafe received funds to make Ethermint, the EVM module for the Cosmos SDK, production-ready and launch a persistent EVM Cosmos zone.
  • Confio received funding from ICF to support its work on the CosmWasm WebAssembly smart contract module for the Cosmos SDK. This will further support features such as a Javascript light client and a new Cosmos Javascript suite, CosmJS.
  • Lunie will continue the development of the flagship open-source wallet in the Cosmos ecosystem and to expand the platform to support more networks.
  • Iqlusion coordinated the successful Game of Zones series of adversarial IBC connected testnets, as well as developed the IBC Relayer Client.
  • Regen Network will lead upgrades to the Cosmos SDK in preparation for Stargate, as well as formation of a community stewardship plan for long-term SDK development.

This expansion will propel innovation and drive forward the further decentralization of the Cosmos ecosystem, with the aim of making our vision of the ‘Internet of Blockchains’ a reality.

As an open source project to our core, we thank the Cosmos community for making us what we are today — a sovereign, secure, and sustainable ecosystem of decentralized networks.

Stay tuned for what’s next.

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