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  • Ming Wu

    Ming Wu

  • Paul Pereira

    Paul Pereira

    business technologist at XCIPHER harnessing the implications of a realtime and blockchain protocol first world

  • Nicolaas Vercuiel

    Nicolaas Vercuiel

    Full Stack Dev, Techie, mountain biker, amateur boxer, rock climber.

  • Kent Phillips

    Kent Phillips

    πŸ€“ Community Growth & 🌐 On-Chain Analytics @FlipsideCrypto | Mentoring and meditation enthusiast |Long open-source finance and the metaverse.

  • Marko Baricevic

    Marko Baricevic

    Student of web and software development

  • nezha henmang

    nezha henmang

  • Kirk McMurray

    Kirk McMurray

    Co-Founder & CPO @VorayApp β€’ Co-Founder @PressTotem β€’ #omnologist #entrepreneur #singularitarian

  • Damian Murawiecki

    Damian Murawiecki

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