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IBC token transfers enabled!

Tonight IBC token transfers is now enabled on the Cosmos Hub. After years of R&D, moving tokens and other information securely across chains is now possible. Also Keplr wallet’s IBC transfer support is now available! Congratulations to the core teams at Interchain GmbH, Informal, All in Bits, Agoric, and Iqlusion, who helped bring this project to life, as well as the many individuals and teams that played an important supporting role. Check out out the new IBC protocol website to learn more about the various IBC specification and development initiatives. Find recordings of the launch party here.

Also watch out for IRISnet’s IBC transfer activation later today!

Riddlethon treasure hunt hackathon

Riddlethon is a crypto-treasure hunt event for blockchain newbies to get a fun, hands-on introduction to the technology. The Confio team is co-hosting with IRISnet, NEAR protocol, Regen Network, Secret Network and Terra. Get started with these easy, medium, and hard puzzles.

Cosmos Privacy & ZKP Showcase

Anna Rose et. al. organised an event about some of the more interesting privacy initiatives in Cosmos. Sikka offered an update on their threshold decrypted transaction work. Zaki Manian delivered an overview of some zk components that may be missing in the Cosmos ecosystem. Chris Goes introduced his new zero knowledge bartering zone, Anoma, and Henry de Valence gave a preview of his most recent zk research initiative, Penumbra, a Cosmos zone shielded pool that integrates seamlessly with IBC.

Cosmos Hub Proposals

Voice your opinion on 2 upcoming community spend proposals. The first by Federico Kunze Küllmer, Advancing Ethermint: GTM and Engineering Plan for the Ethermint Chain, which aims to complement Chainsafe’s work on the EVM module to launch a public Ethermint chain.

And the second by zkValidator, Privacy Events, which aims to grow the Cosmos community interested in privacy research and development.

Next week we should have some announcements about the Q1 grants currently under review by the Technical Advisory Board, stay tuned.

The ICF (https://interchain.io/) is the Swiss foundation funding and pushing the frontiers of blockchain-related infrastructure.

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