Introducing the Builders Program — Mentorship, technical support and guidance for chains building in Cosmos

Today we are providing details about the Builders Program, why it was born, and the problems it seeks to solve. We’ll highlight structural aspects and support points of the program and give an outlook for the future.

At its heart, the program is made by builders for builders, linking together our team of entrepreneurs, software engineers and designers, who are all core contributors to Cosmos. Our team, with years of experience in building and launching chains, is committed to seeing the Cosmos ecosystem reach its full potential by facilitating the development of new chains.

Building a successful chain is a bumpy road

In a perfect world, Web3 builders would just hack with their friends and launch products in the open. Unfortunately, the reality is that launching a new chain from idea to mainnet can be complex with many roadblocks and tough decisions that have significant implications on the project’s trajectory. The purpose of the Builders Program is to supply structured support to teams that are building in the Cosmos ecosystem and help teams solve the complex problems encountered while launching a blockchain network.

Navigating the Cosmos Ecosystem

The Cosmos Stack supplies the best in class blockchain technologies and a full range of components to build sovereign state machines — Tendermint Core, CosmosSDK and IBC. However, because the Cosmos ecosystem is one of the most decentralized spaces within the blockchain sphere, it requires guidance to navigate. The Builders Program was born to provide structured onboarding into the ecosystem and helps teams connect to partners and infrastructure operators.

High-level support structure

The Builders Program supports teams at all stages of development, from incorporation to fundraising to mainnet launch. We are looking to work with teams and projects that are using at least one component of the Cosmos Stack: Tendermint, CosmosSDK, IBC, CosmWasm. The program’s flexible design allows for a range of opt-in / opt-out support modules that teams can combine as needed. These modules focus on often tricky areas within development and fall under the following categories: incorporation, fundraising, technical and product support, infrastructure and partnership building, marketing and go-to-market strategy, community governance, and token mechanisms.

The program provides knowledge and guidance from an experienced team, delivering tools for real growth with customized roadmaps and connections to relevant groups; auditors, data providers, liquidity providers, custodians, exchanges, validators and a wide network of investors in the space.

Network Bootstrapping and Interchain Security

A key support module that we offer teams is Network Bootstrapping. As of today, the only way for a team to secure a network in the Cosmos ecosystem is with its own validator set. The Builders Program will walk teams through the validator bootstrapping process, guiding them through a checklist of technical deployments based on our prior experience in running validators on four networks, providing access to over one hundred validators as well as technical plans.

Additionally, once Interchain Security is launched on the Cosmos Hub, the Builders Program will provide teams with clear on-ramp assistance in securing their network through the Hub’s validator set. This assistance includes laying out a governance proposal and incentivisation mechanisms for the Hub’s validators including support with token economics design.

Technical Support and Shepherds of the Ecosystem

During the program, we will connect teams directly with developers who will give ongoing support and assist with technical aspects of the project. This includes architecture design, implementing new features, and adopting new modules. We will work closely with the teams as they build their chains, enabling us to understand their individual needs and communicate these to the core developers who will tailor specific implementations. This ‘on the ground’ process of working will help broaden the Cosmos Stack and facilitate the building of better chains.

Outlook and what to expect in the near future

The Builders Program seeks to build close partnerships and alliances to create a better understanding between core teams and projects working within the ecosystem. We believe our initiative’s pursuit of guiding teams and projects strategically and practically according to their individual requirements will allow builders to grow toward a more sustainable future. In tandem, open communication and constant exchange will also create the conditions for teams to launch successfully and allow the ecosystem to develop long-term.

The Builders Program will gradually onboard teams, and we look forward to working with teams at different stages of their roadmap to build towards a stronger future.

If you are interested in being part of the Builders Program, visit our website and apply!





The ICF ( is the Swiss foundation funding and pushing the frontiers of blockchain-related infrastructure.

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Interchain Foundation

The ICF ( is the Swiss foundation funding and pushing the frontiers of blockchain-related infrastructure.

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