Request for Proposals — 2019 — General Applications

The ICF runs a general-purpose funding program for projects that advance its mission of open, decentralized networks. But the ICF is also particularly interested in general applications that will expand the transparency, engagement, and use-cases of the Cosmos network in the real world. As such, the ICF is issuing a Request for Proposals to focus the funding on general application projects that are needed for the transparency and general adoption of the Cosmos ecosystem. More items will be added to this list over time.

RFP-2019–GA-1: Distributed Validator Intelligence Platform

Cosmos validators are the life force that keep the blockchain alive and well. However, current information about each validator is limited, hard to verify, and exist among many different sources (blog posts, websites, block explorers etc).

The ICF is making a request for proposals for one or more teams to design and build a platform that provides a standard way to transparently create, collect, and review on and off chain data about validators. The ICF believes that a platform should exist that allows network participants to easily discover and evaluate validators in a transparent manner, in turn, helping delegators make more informed decisions about how to delegate.

Problem: Information about each validator can be dispersed, opaque, unverified, and time consuming to navigate (ex. location, security set up, on-chain metrics etc). There are no standardized formats or channels for validators to share essential information with the community, current and future stakeholders.

Solution: A platform that allows information about validators to be standardized and compiled in one place, where information is disclosed and also verified by the community to increase transparency. This platform can be built out in stages, first, a place for validators to self disclose features and create a profile that will include both on-chain and off-chain data. Eventually the goal is for the platform to be built on top of Tendermint and to be curated by the larger community — like a Messari for Validators.


This project may be in the form of a grant to one party to build the platform or multiple stakeholders to work together to bring it to life.

Applications will be open until July 29th. Please apply HERE with the tag RFP-2019–GA-1 next to your company name.

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