The Quan, the Kwon, and the Coin

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As a self-professed movie geek, there are certain movies in the past that I have seen many times over. Jerry Maguire is one of those movies. The famous line “show me the money”. You know the scene: Jerry and Rod Tidwell are in the bathroom. Jerry’s trying to get Tidwell to get that chip off his shoulder (“Help me…help you”) and Rod goes into his whole spiel about how some fools might have the “coin…but they’ll never have the ‘kwan.’”

Is it an intentional mispronunciation on Rod Tidwell’s part to emphasize “coin” on the one hand vs. “coin” (pronounced “kwan”) on the other? Tidwell implied “Kwan” means “respect and authenticity”

Cosmos has the “Kwan”

  • Cosmos is not a marketing-oriented effort. Every project that aims to be a platform must be so much more than just well executed or well marketed.
  • It is complementary with Ethereum and Bitcoin and aim to interoperate with other blockchains. Cosmos isn’t working on its own smart contract system, rather, it aims for compatibility. See Ethermint project, for example. Even though there are aspects of competition for example: Cosmos Hub and Cosmos Dex. But that’s only if you’re an Ethereum maximalist and believe that Ethereum should be sufficient for all applications.
  • Community matters. There are already members in the community who are building a validator. For those who wants to delegate their atom without running their own validator nodes. Checkout #cosmos-validators on our Slack.
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  • It’s a coin-cidence that Cosmos leader’s last name also rhyme with Kwan

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The ICF ( is the Swiss foundation funding and pushing the frontiers of blockchain-related infrastructure.

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